Pinecone Christmas Trees – Craft Project

Pinecone Christmas Trees Craft
My mother and I decided to do a fun holiday craft together. We both like to drink wine, so we have plenty of wine corks laying around. And we wanted to put them to good use by making a craft out of them. We thought these Pinecone Christmas trees would be adorable to make using the wine corks as the tree trunks. Even my sons joined in on the crafting and made a few, as well.

Pinecone Tree Craft SuppliesMaterials:

– Several Pinecones
– Green, White, and Yellow Paint
– Small Wood Stars
– Several Wine Corks
– Glue Gun & Glue Gun
– Paint Brushes

Difficulty: ❤♡♡♡ Easy


  1. Start by gathering your supplies and laying down some newspaper or a drop cloth over your work area. We will be painting a lot of items that may tilt and roll so this will keep a clean work area.
  2. Cut your wine corks in half so your tree trunk won’t be quite so tall. Cut wine corks in half.
  3. Paint the top and edge of the pinecone scales green. Paint pinecones green.
  4. (Optional) Paint the edges of the pinecone scales white like snow.Pinecones painted with white edges like snow.
  5. Paint wooden stars yellow or leave unpainted for a more natural look.Paint wooden stars yellow.
  6. Glue star to the top of the pinecone with glue gun.
  7. Glue half of wine cork to the bottom of the pinecone to make a tree trunk. You may need to remove a bit of the pinecone’s actual stem to have a more even surface.
    Glue wine cork to pinecone. Glue wine cork to pinecone.

  8. Enjoy your newly created pinecone Christmas tree!Painted Christmas Pinecone Trees

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