The Woodland Infinity Scarf – Knit Pattern

The Woodland Infinity Scarf - Knit PatternI wanted a cozy scarf to go with my beautiful True North Toque and The Lumberjill Mittens, and I was so indecisive about how I wanted it to look. I tried working it up in multiple ways and frogging many times, finally I settled on a tube scarf because it gives it the cozy, thick feel, as well as, hiding all your floats from working the plaid pattern. As you’ll find below, I was still a bit indecisive on how I wanted it to look but I shared the multiple ways you can work it up below with a simple change to the pattern. This scarf doesn’t use too much yarn either, less than a skein in each color, which is nice on the bank. I hope you find it as cozy as I do and enjoy this pattern!


Buffalo Plaid Knit ScarfSize:
34″ long x 5″ wide

11 stitches x 15 rows = 4″ x 4″ worked in stockinette stitch

❤❤♡♡ – Advanced Beginner

K – Knit
P – Purl
K2tog – Knit 2 stitches together (decrease)
SSK – Slip, slip, knit (decrease)

Special Techniques:
Provisional Cast On
Graft Two Circular Pieces TogetherBuffalo Plaid Knit Tube Scarf

Just Plaid Tube Scarf Pattern:
With scrap yarn and US 13 needles, cast on 36 stitches.
Plaid Pattern:
Round 1: *With C1, K3. With C2, K3.* Repeat around.
Round 2-3: Repeat Round 1
Round 4: *With C3, K3. With C1, K3* Repeat around.
Round 5-6: Repeat Round 2
Work the plaid pattern until scarf measures 34″ long. Remove scrap yarn.
Finish by grafting each end together using the kitchener stitch.

Tube Scarf with Accent Pattern:
With CC and US 13 needles, provisional cast on 36 stitches.
Knit until piece measures 6″.
Work the plaid pattern from above until plaid piece measures 28″ for a total of 34″.
Finish by grafting each end together using the kitchener stitch.

Accent Knit Wrap for ScarfAccent Wrap (optional):
With CC and US 13 needles, cast on 20 stitches.
Stockinette Stitch:
Row 1 (wrong side): Purl across.
Row 2 (right side): Knit across.
Work in stockinette stitch pattern until piece measure 11″, ending on a wrong side row.
Button row:
(right side): Knit 4, K2tog, YO twice, SSK, K4, K2tog, YO twice, SSK, K4
(wrong side): Purl across all stitches including YO. (20)
Cast Off. Sew on buttons on the right side of the edge without the button holes between sts 6-7 and between sts  14-15. FO. Weave in ends.

Buffalo Plaid - Knit Patterns


The Woodland Infinity Scarf - Knit Pattern

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