Watermelon Slice – Crochet Pattern

I’m having too much fun with summer ideas. I decided to work up my Knit Cupcake Doll as a Sunflower with a tiny bumblebee and my Crochet Cupcake Doll as a Watermelon with a Watermelon slice on top. You can find the pattern to the watermelon slice below. I hope you enjoy it!

Pictured Items Patterns:
Tiny Knit Bumblebee
Tiny Crochet Bumblebee 

Watermelon Slice - Crochet Pattern
❤♡♡♡ – Beginner


2″ long x 1⅛” tall

6 stitches x 6 rows = 1″ x 1″
Not critical for this design.

st – Stitch
sc – Single Crochet
inc – sc twice in the same st

Special Stitches:
MC – Magic Circle


  • This pattern is written in American Standard Terms.
  • Place a marker in the first stitch of every round to indicate the beginning and move the marker up at the start of each new round.
  • All stitches are worked through both loops unless otherwise indicated.
  • Instructions between ** are to be repeated until the end of the round.
  • Instructions between [] are made in the same st.
  • Numbers between () indicate the total amount of stitches in that round.
  • When making color changes, remember to always change to the new color before the last yarn over of the last stitch in the old color.

Watermelon Slice Pattern:
Round 1: With red/pink and G hook, 6 sc in MC. (6)
Round 2: inc in each st around. (12)
Round 3: *sc, inc* repeat around. (18)
Round 4: With white, *sc 2, inc* repeat around. (24)
Round 5: With lime green, *sc 3, inc* repeat around. (30)
Cut a 9″ long strand of black yarn, thread through needle and place “watermelon seeds” on the red/pink by sewing in the st from round 1 and to stitch directly above that st on round 2. Fold the circle in half and work through the stitch on each side:
Round 6: With dark green, sc in each st across. (15)
FO. Weave in ends.

Watermelon Slice - Crochet Pattern

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Summer Cupcake Dolls - Knit and Crochet Patterns

Summer Cupcake Dolls – Knit and Crochet Patterns

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