Pattern Testers

First & foremost, I need to give you the disclaimer info –
ALL PATTERNS ARE COPYRIGHTED – You CANNOT copy, share, redistribute, sell, alter, or re-write any part of my patterns, or photos used in my patterns, in any way, shape or form. Doing so is  ILLEGAL. ANY ATTEMPT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.


— Must have crochet experience – all levels are welcome, but experienced is preferred
— Must be able to read a crochet pattern
— Must be able to spot grammatical errors
— Must be able to spot pattern instruction errors & give suggestions on how to correct the error
— Must have excellent communication skills – don’t be afraid to give your opinion, but be respectful. Must not be afraid to give suggestions about the overall pattern (in a respectful way – just because you have a suggestion, doesn’t mean I will use that suggestion, but I don’t want you to be afraid to speak up & tell me)
— Must be willing to give updates along the way
— Must be HONEST & open minded
— Must be available – you do not have to be available 24/7, but should respond to any emails or discussions within 24 hours.
— Must be able to take GOOD quality IN FOCUS pics of finished testing item – you do not have to be a professional photographer, but you need to have a good idea of what makes a picture look good. Please note that these photos may be used as examples of finished products, so although they don’t have to be perfect, they must be presentable (no nudity, backgound distractions, etc)
MUST finish test by the deadline given – Since I am on a deadline to get these patterns tested for selling, magazine features (some day), etc, this is a NON-NEGOTIABLE rule – If you question whether or not you can complete the project in the time specified, DO NOT ACCEPT the test.
— Please note that some patterns will require a specific size, age, or gender of final product model. This information will be provided in advance. DO NOT ACCEPT the test if you do not meet those requirements.
— Pattern Testers will NOT be paid. Your payment is the pattern you receive for free to test.
— Yarn & supplies to crochet these patterns are your own expense.
— As a pattern tester, you ARE ALLOWED to sell any COMPLETED CROCHET ITEMS made out of my patterns, if desired. I only require credit as pattern creator.


— You will be contacted by method established in the particular pattern testing request, likely email.
— Read all information THOROUGHLY, & respond to testing request only if you can meet ALL  requirements given.
— Requirements will include type of pattern to be tested, length of time/date required to complete testing, any age/size/gender specific requirements, etc.
— If you are accepted for pattern testing, you will be emailed the pattern to be tested, as well as all pattern specific testing requirements as previously established.
— During testing process, feel free to contact me as specified in testing details with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. concerning this pattern.
ALL PATTERNS WILL REQUIRE FINAL PHOTOS to be submitted as proof of testing completion.

Information to Include to be a Tester:

— Name of the Pattern (in the subject line of the email)
— Your Full Name
— Level of Crochet Experience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert)
— Number of Years of Experience Crocheting
— A Little about your Crochet Experience
— Tester Experience (if any)
— A few Photo Examples of your Work
— A Link to your Crochet Facebook Page (if you have one)
— Where you are From
— Proofreading Experience (if any)


So, here’s what you should do if you want to test:

Subscribe to my blog or follow me on Facebook and read it regularly. Whenever I need testers, I always make a post asking for them. If you keep up with my blog, you won’t miss out! The post asking for testers will have further detail on how to become a tester for that specific pattern.

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