My Start as a Crocheter


My crochet journey began at the tender, young age of 7 when my grandmother taught me. She started out slow by teaching me the chain stitch first. Just to get a handle on regulating my tension and manipulating the hook. I remember sitting in second grade with yarn stuck in my desk crocheting a long chain out of an entire skein of yarn. I would crochet that chain at recess, during class breaks, during class time.. any moment I could find to make that chain grow. I wound the long chain into a huge ball. I had a huge ball of chained yarn in my desk.

After mastering the chain, my grandmother taught me how to make the granny square. Oh how I loved that I could create something amazing from just some yarn and a hook. My first project was a blanket of large granny squares sewn together. I loved that blanket so much! There were flaws, but I had made it. It gave me a great level of satisfaction to think I could create something.

My passion to crochet slipped slightly during high school as I was more interested in boys than I probably should have been, but my passion was restored with full force with the birth of my first child. I crocheted so many projects just in leading up to his birth. I found my love for crochet again. It was further renewed with the birth of my second child and it intensifies as the years pass.

I taught myself how to knit in my adult years. I had become a bit more of an intermediate crocheter, so I thought I could easily take on knitting. I did pick up knitting pretty well, but I decided to take on a more difficult project as my first project. I wanted to knit my niece-on-the-way a baby blanket from corner to corner, needless to say, it came out lopsided and took me a really long time to make. I have made some knit projects since then that have faired much better, but my interest hasn’t taken off as much as it has with crochet. But with either, I find them so relaxing and a great creative outlet!

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