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Crochet Tips & TricksSo I have been thinking of generating a page that has links and how-tos on some of the most useful tips, tricks, and stitches I have found in my crochet journey as to help others and be a general reference guide. Find below some things I found very helpful in my own crochet journey.

Magic Circle – Probably the most useful stitch I have ever encountered in crochet. So much easier than working x number of stitches into a chain and so much more secure and cleaner looking.

Standing Double Crochet – Better looking than your typical chain 3 or chain 2 and work dc in the same stitch. It makes round changes less noticeable so that you don’t get a seam at the back of your project.

Color Changes mid row: Work stitch until before your final yarn over, drop the color in use; with next color to be used, yarn over and draw through remaining loops on hook. Continue with the new color.

Jogless Color Changes – Quite useful for color changes so that you don’t get jagged lines where your color changes occur.

Invisible Decrease – Keeps your decrease stitches from looking different from the rest of your stitches. A much cleaner and less bulky look.

Invisible Join – This trick makes your joins look seamless and better than a slip st to join, great for the edges of your project or completing circles.

Close Amigurumi – This allows your closed round on amigurumi to look as seamless as your beginning round made with the Magic Circle.

Attach Hair with Invisible Knots – Give your amigurumi doll seamless looking hair without the latch hook knot.

Check back often as I will be adding more to this page. If you have any tips or tricks you find useful, feel free to share them in the comments!

Crochet Is Happiness

Crochet Is Happiness


Some of my favorite tools of the trade:

Clover Amour Crochet hooks – They have the most amazing design that allows me to crochet much faster. A slim design and comfort grip make it easy to handle. Clover hooks have the best crochet hook tip, as well. It just glides through the yarn like butter.

Embroidery scissors – They are super sharp and great for cutting yarn, and you can get them in some very pretty designs. I for one like my tools to be pretty. 🙂

Stitch Markers – Useful when working in the round or to mark stitches for later work. I usually prefer clay ones on Etsy, but I have some of these adorable heart ones, as well.

Yarn Bowl – Of course useful for holding your yarn while you work so it doesn’t roll all over the place. I prefer wood bowls as they are sturdier and won’t break as easily.

OttLite Lighting – These lights are great because they really brighten up your workspace making it easier to see your stitches especially when working with darker yarn.

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