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Print Friendly & PDF Chrome Extension

Let me start by saying I am a hoarder of crochet patterns. With that said, I love patterns of all kinds, paid ones, free ones, ones in magazines, ones in books, etc. Some of the best ones though, are ones in a digital format, so I can tuck away my hoarded patterns and no one will be any the wiser of my addiction. Haha! Seriously though, digital format is so much easier to take with you with smartphones, tablets, and computers so readily accessible. Organizing, storing, and tracking is also much easier. No more crumbled papers stuffed in various places, or piles of books or magazines strewn about the house. Ok, maybe you will still have some of that, but it’ll certainly be reduced. Unfortunately, digital form is not always available even on digital platforms such as patterns posted on blog posts. This brings me to the point of this article. I am going to show you how with a free, easy to use chrome extension and cloud storage you can create easily accessible pdfs of blog posts that can be accessed by numerous devices.

Start by installing the Print Friendly & PDF Chrome Extension. This will create an icon in the browser toolbar and will allow you to create a pdf from any browser page.

Print Friendly Chrome Extension

Installing Chrome Extensions

It does a nice job of leaving out a lot of the unnecessary content and creating the pdf out of the main content. But even if it doesn’t leave out everything you’d like it to, for instance, sometimes there are ads within the content, you can manually fine tune the content by deleting any unnecessary content you do not want to include. All you have to do is hover over the unwanted content and a click to delete option will appear. Simply click on the content and it will remove it like it says. I’ve even used this to delete unwanted spacing or empty table cells.

Edit Blog Post

Once you are happy with how the content is laid out, simply press the pdf button at the top. If for some reason you would want to print it out, you have that option, as well. Like I said, this tool does a nice job of laying out the content and leaving out unnecessary content, so it can be useful for creating nicely laid out print pages, as well.

Create PDF

Once the PDF is generated, you can download the pdf file to local storage, or as I indicated earlier, to cloud storage. Cloud storage is ideal because it can be accessed from anywhere with the right device. There are a lot different options out there, many offering free storage and apps that you can download on to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. My favorite by far is Dropbox because the computer application for it acts just like your normal file system. Google Drive is another great option. Whichever one you choose to go with just remember, if you have a Smartphone or Tablet, your patterns can be portable to just about anywhere with you. Easy to access and easy to manage. Best of luck and happy hoarding!

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