Chunky Double Brim Beanie – Knit Pattern

Chunky Double Brim Beanie - Knit PatternThe temperatures dropped quickly here in central Pennsylvania as though we had just skipped Fall and went straight from Summer to Winter. None the less, Fall is my favorite season of all and I wanted a hat that reflected that, but I also needed warmth. Thus, I have designed a chunky double brim beanie that provides the necessary warmth for these cold temperatures. The beanie has a slight slouch and features a double-tone for the inside brim which provides a nice contrast.


Chunky Double Brim Beanie - Knit Pattern


13 stitches x 18 rows = 4″ x 4″

❤♡♡♡ – Beginner

K – Knit
K2tog – Knit two stitches together (decrease)

With color B and US 11 needles, cast on 54 stitches. Join to form round.
Round 1-16: Knit for 16 rounds.
Change to color A.
Round 17-30: Knit for 14 rounds.
Fold so wrong sides face each other with color B on the inside and CO edge aligns with round 30.
Round 31: Knit stitch from CO edge and stitch from round 30 together.
See photos below for knitting to the CO edge.
Contrasting Brim
Round 32-41: Knit for 10 rounds.
Round 42: *k7, k2tog* repeat 6 times. (48)
Round 43: Knit around. (48)
Round 44: *k6, k2tog* repeat 6 times. (42)
Round 45: Knit around. (42)
Round 46: *k5, k2tog* repeat 6 times. (36)
Round 47: Knit around. (36)
Round 48: *k4, k2tog* repeat 6 times. (30)
Round 49: Knit around. (30)
Round 50: *k3, k2tog* repeat 6 times. (24)
Round 51: Knit around. (24)
Round 52: *k2, k2tog* repeat 6 times (18)
Round 53: *k1, k2tog* repeat 6 times. (12)
Pull tail through remaining stitches and pull tight to close circle. FO.

Knit to CO Edge Instructions:

Brim Rounds Completed

Brim Rounds Completed

Fold the Brim

Fold the bottom of the brim up so that the two wrong sides touch and the contrasting color (color B) is on the inside. Align the live stitches with the CO edge stitches.

Pick up a stitch on the CO edge

Pick up a stitch on the CO edge and place it on the left needle.

Knit CO stitch and live stitch together

Knit CO stitch and live stitch together.

Continue around brim

Continue joining the next CO edge stitch to the next live stitch until you have knit all the stitches around the brim together.

Knit live stitches normally

Continue the remaining rounds normally as described by the remaining steps to the pattern.

Chunky Double Brim Beanie - Knit Pattern

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