Tiny Seahorse – Knit Pattern

Tiny Seahorse - Knit Pattern

I have been working up some of the sea creatures from the Adventures in Mochimochi Land: Tall Tales from a Tiny Knitted World book as they are quick, fun projects to work up. I decided to add a seahorse to my collection and came up with my own design for one that…

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Watermelon Slice – Crochet Pattern

Watermelon Slice - Crochet Pattern

I’m having too much fun with summer ideas. I decided to work up my Knit Cupcake Doll as a Sunflower with a tiny bumblebee and my Crochet Cupcake Doll as a Watermelon with a Watermelon slice on top. You can find the pattern to the watermelon slice below. I hope…

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Teeny Tiny Bumblebee – Crochet Pattern

Teeny Tiny Bumblebee - Crochet Pattern

I created a tiny knit bumblebee when I was working on one of my knit cupcake dolls as a nice summery touch. Well, I had a request for a crochet version, as well, for use on one of my crochet cupcake dolls. I designed this teeny tiny knit bumblebee using Lionbrand’s Bonbons cotton…

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Teeny Tiny Knit Bumblebee – Knit Pattern

Tiny Knit Bumblebee - Knit Pattern

I was working up another one of my knit cupcake dolls and decided to give it a summery touch. I made the frosting hat look more like a sunflower and decided instead of a cherry on top, it needed a bumblebee. Of course, the bumblebee needed to be relatively small…

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