The Justice League: Batman – Crochet Pattern

Batman - Crochet Pattern

In a previous post, I introduced to you my youngest son’s favorite superhero, The Flash, now I would like to introduce to you my oldest son’s favorite superhero, Batman. Yes, we are a household of DC Comics fans. Not that we don’t love the Marvel superheroes, too, we just love…

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The Justice League: The Flash – Crochet Pattern

The Flash - Free Crochet Pattern

My son’s favorite superhero is The Flash. He’s only 5 and The Flash has been his favorite superhero for a couple years now, which I think is pretty amazing since The Flash isn’t a mainstream superhero. He’s gaining some popularity lately, but he still takes a back burner to other superheroes…

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Toddler Groot – Crochet Pattern

Toddler Groot - Crochet Pattern

I love the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and come this May they are coming out with the second one and I can not wait! I love Rocket and Groot in the movie, especially Groot, of course! In the second movie, he is now a toddler Groot, and he looks…

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Super Mario Bros. Toad – Crochet Pattern

Super Mario Bros. Toad - Free Crochet Pattern

My most favorite games are ones by Nintendo made during 80-90s. They are simple and fun games with simple concepts. I love all the Mario games and some of my favorite characters are the non-human ones. Well, I made myself a Yoshi and a Birdo, but one that I was…

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Fur Pom-Pom Messy-bun Hat

Fur Pom-Pom Messy Bun Hat

The latest trend in the crochet world are these Messy-bun hats. I enjoy them because they are perfect for those days that I just don’t want to put in a lot of effort into my hair but still need to wear a hat for the cold temperatures. Also trending right…

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