Yarn Storage with Crates

My Creative Blog - Yarn Storage with Crates

Supplies: 4-6 crates (I bought mine at Walmart) Small can of stain (The one I bought was much larger than needed. Stain goes far) Staining Pad/Sponge (The best is the cloth wrapped sponge, like I used) Latex Gloves Drop Cloth/Plastic to work on…

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Fox Tail Costume Tutorial

Fox Tail

For Halloween, I embraced my fox scoodie I had made and dressed as a fox. I made a fox tail to go with my costume following a tutorial I found online and used the same yarn as my fox scoodie. I’ve…

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Easter Photo Shoot

Pinterest is such a great source for inspiration! I have been working to put together a fun, festive Easter Photo Shoot. I started by making a fence out of gardening stakes, then I made a bunting banner to hang across…

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