Ice Cream Sundae Doll – Crochet Pattern

Ice Cream Sundae Doll Crochet Pattern

First I made the Cupcake Dolls, now it is time to introduce the Ice Cream Sundae Dolls. I came up with this idea while making multiple cupcake dolls. I thought, wouldn’t ice cream be just as fun as cupcake dolls?…

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Sweetheart Earwarmer – Crochet Pattern

Sweetheart Earwarmer Crochet Pattern

After all the hype around my paid pattern, The Cupcake Doll, I wanted to let the community know I will still offer free patterns, too. Also, with Valentine’s around the corner and wanting something festive to wear for the holiday,…

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Cupcake Doll – Crochet Pattern

Cupcake Doll Crochet Pattern

I have had this idea in my head for several months now, but I was intimidated to bring it to life because I wasn’t sure I would be able to design it the way I had pictured in my head….

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